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Introduction of the International Academy of Education of San Jia of Quebec

Principal: Ping An

        The International Academy of Education San Jia of Quebec, is an education group working in technologies (robotics and mathematics), humanities, arts (Chinese, French, English, painting, calligraphy and choir), summer educational and study camps in foreign countries. His office is located in Montreal, Canada. She always considers the promotion of Chinese culture as her main mission. The school pays attention to the moral development of children and cultural education in the courts.

        The San Jia International Academy of Education in Quebec has cooperative relationships with many universities and major schools in major Chinese cities, as well as with the English Montreal School Board and the Federation of Quebec School Commissions. The school works with the Quebec Ministry of the Family, Mcgill University and Tsinderhua University China's "Kinderpower" childhood education project in the long term as well. She participates directly in the management of many well-known companies in Canada, such as the summer camp center "EDPHY", the model company "B MODELS", the small engineer educational group "ENGINEEIUS" etc. It helps them in the field of languages, arts, sciences and the educational idea of "STEAM" and the recognition of these companies in the Chinese market.

        The school has a pleasant, well-equipped environment: a large gym, lecture halls and meeting rooms. We offer courses in robotics, mathematics, Chinese, French, English, art, calligraphy, singing, fencing, taekwondo, soccer, and all these courses are taught by professional teachers known in these fields. They have many experiences and know the best teaching methods. Teachers can teach according to the characteristics of each child and have great success. At the same time, starting in August 2018, San Jia's education will provide French language courses for immigrants and government-sponsored business launch courses.

        The San Jia International Academy of Education in Quebec has organized or participated in many cultural activities in Montreal since its inception and has a good reputation.

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