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Professional Sales

Introduction of Professional Sales Program

Professional Sales

The diploma DVS 900 hours of study


  • Make students become a salesperson who have knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Effectively communicate with clients and give them advice
  • Learn all kinds of sales techniques
  • Introduce products to the market with sales techniques

Course contents

  1. The process of training
  2. The professional relationship
  3. Consumer behavior
  4. Customer service
  5. Sale
  6. Businesses in relation to the sale
  7. Time management
  8. Job search
  9. Forms of professions
  10. Laws
  11. Customer service
  12. The second language
  13. Products and services
  14. Inventory management
  15. Visual marketing
  16. Marketing and sales
  17. The internship


  • Method 1: If you have already passed the GDT and the English exam, you can dial the telephone number of the exam center 514-483-7200 extension 6389 and finish the process by yourself, or come to our office and ask the maple school to send the forms to you.
  • Method 2: Come with authentication credentials found by the Minister of Education or the Education Office.

The process for obtaining credential authentication

  • Complete the forms online
  • Preparing original documents: diploma and transcript
  • If your diploma and transcript is not in English or French, you will need to prepare the authentic translation as well.
  • Two pieces of ID with photo
  • About C$70

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