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Coin des Lutins

"Coin des Lutins" is an international preschool education brand invested by Canada Coin des Lutins Preschool Education Group in Canada. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministère de la FamilleMinistère de la Famille du Quebec. It has Home page - Ministère de la Faqualifications granted by the Quebec Government and it is operated under a regular full-time model.

In addition to providing full-time nursing care services for local children, Canada Coin des Lutins Preschool Education Group also provides the "Coin des Lutins" International Preschool Brand Authorization, the Right to use e Coin des Lutins's early childhood education materials, the Training of teachers , online business exchange, brand and image support, a platform for cross-border travel studies, and Canadian daycare visits. We have had two " Coin des Lutins " Daycare franchisee in China at present.

Four subsidized daycares

Our Daycares are mainly for children from 6 months to 5 years old. After continuous development, our group has now four subsidized daycares outside Montreal Island, located in the city of Saint-Zotique and Coteau-du-Lac in the western part of Montreal.

Our daycares are located in noble communities with beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation. With its superior geographical location and environment, it attracts many local parents and children. Our daycares uphold diversified educational concepts and advanced education management system. Nearly one hundred educators from the local communities are carefully nurturing children here so that children can learn in games and grow up healthy.

We look for the English teachers now

We look for the English teacher work for Coin des Lutins International now

I. Date of Employment

New international teachers wanted for next semester (beginning from Sept, 2018) to 30 June 2019.

II. Job Title:

  • 1. English Language Teacher
  • 2. French Language Teacher

III. Job description

  • 1. Providing high-quality teaching to 3-12 years old
  • 2. Providing high-quality teaching to 18 years old
  • 3. Lesson planning, occasional student evaluation and feedback
  • 4. Appropriate teaching material and training provided

IV. Working Hours and days

1. 40 teaching hours per week

V. Start date and contract length

  • 1. 12 month contract
  • 2. Available year-round

VI. Requirement

  • 1. Native speaker of the language he/she teaches.
  • 2. Holding a Bachelor's degree or higher level.
  • 3. Be in a good health.

VII. Salary and Treatment

Salary and treatment will be offered complying with the Provisions of Administrative Measures issued by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and be determined specifically according to the individual circumstances of international employees.

What we will provide

We will provide:

  • 1. A free apartment with two bed rooms, one kitchen room, one bath room and also one living room. We pay all the expense like electricity, water, Internet

  • 2. There are also allowances such as 2200RMB for traveling and ONE time China-Canada international for fight ticket after the employee finishes the teaching task for one academic year.

  • 3. Monthly Salary for Language Teacher: 18,000 RMB-22,000 RMB, depending on his/ her degree and related teaching experience.

  • 4. Your wages will be paid at monthly interval and will be paid directly into your bank account on the Thursday of each week.

  • 5. When it is required for you to work overtime this will be compensated at the Employer' discretion either by the time off in lieu or by payment at 150 RMB/ 45 minutes.

  • 6. Tourist or Work visa

  • 7. Accident insurance and annual health check

  • 8. The Employee is entitled to one month holidays

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