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Language training



The use of situational conversation mode can effectively improve basic skills of French, English and Chinese. Participants will be invited to a variety of different language environments (in the classroom or outside the classroom), try to practice oral Chinese in different contexts. In addition, students will participate in reading and writing courses.

Montessori English preschool

This class is for children aged from 3 to 6 years old. In the same class, younger children learn new knowledge and skills faster and better thanks to older children's demonstrations; and older children are trained with leadership skills in the process of guiding younger children.

In addition to English teaching, teachers tailor teaching to students' needs, using Montessori teaching tools, so that children will improve their life practice, perception, language, mathematics, biology, geography, art, and music, including all aspects of learning to a new level.

Besides the traditional Montessori teaching method, our teachers also focus very much on the development of children's science and technology knowledge which is to meet the needs of today's social development. In the study, our children usually are ahead of others who are at the same age in mathematics, English spelling and reading.

Features of Welcome-to-French Class

The French course is divided into two classes: the primary school class and the secondary school class. Each class is divided into three levels: the elementary level, the intermediate level and the advanced level.

1. A class in a small group

2. The teaching of phonetic transcription

3. Large vocabularies

4. Basic communications in French

5. Listen to classic stories and perform classic stories

6. Overcoming grammatical difficulties

7. A group of Chinese and Western teachers with many years of professional experience

8. Classify students by age group and level of French, communicate knowledge to students according to their differences in ability and intelligence or their age differences

9. Immersive course design to develop students' French thinking habits

10. We pay attention to the psychological construction of students and cultivate students' self-confidence

11. Focus on cultivating students' self-learning ability and develop good habits

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