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Science and technology


STEAM Fun-Learning System

       Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics (STEAM)

       Enginneeius is an internationally known chain of business education in Canada. It cooperates with San Jia's international education to develop programs and activities related to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art) to let adolescents learn in an interesting environment. . The main content of the activities are: engineering, games and mobile application programming, digital media, robotics and mathematics.

       Our principles: Safe, interesting, activate the interests of children, let children spontaneously exploit concepts related to gear, technology, science and mathematics with their own interests in a reliable and interesting environment.

       Each teacher determines a subject for study, and lets children present their own plans. They get them to find, smell, probe and ask a question, find them floors to solve problems using the easiest scientific research method to arouse their curiosity. They are taught how to ask a question and try to find the answer using their own methods to give an awareness of independently studying and being independent.

       The STEAM system pays attention to the creations and practices of each child, leaving them to study while playing and to enjoy studying without realizing it.

Intermediate and Advanced Robotic Programming Courses

Intermediate Robotics Programming

Let students learn basic skills and principles of programming and mechanics and prepare secondary topics such as physics, mechanics, computers in advance. Students will be able to perfectly use and combine mechanical and programmatic techniques, deeply know and use technical parameters, understand exact and reasonable designs. Students will be able to assemble a machine or a complex robot that has strong functions according to a design that already exists.

Advanced Robotics Programming

Let students work in groups and start a plan. Students will be able to experience the entire program period, submit applications, determine a goal, designate a plan, establish and maintain it. Students will be able to check their own designs, find defects, improve and optimize them. Students will be able to design and assemble a machine or a complex robot with real values. Robotic groups will be able to cooperate and accomplish a difficult task together.

Intensive courses to prepare competitions

For students who will compete, they will be offered training. Members will be able to prepare and participate in world competitions or at lower levels. They can train their heads, designate a scene or a small question, analyze it and solve it with the help of the teachers. Students will be able to use all kinds of action module, sensor module, process module, data module and advanced module, they will be able to use component parts of various machines and to arrive the mechanical functions provided.

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