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Introduction to Sanjia Education & Adelphi International Summer Camp

Summer Camp Featured Project / 4-15 years old

In addition to the wide variety of sports planned, campers can choose their favorite projects, develop their hobbies or develop new skills.


Swimming / 4-12 years old

This water project allows all campers to enjoy different levels of the Canadian Red Cross. At the end of the course, our professional counselor and teacher will also give each camper a book to record their growth.

Tennis / 9-15 years old

In a collaborative and enjoyable environment, the tennis program can develop participants' athletic skills, tennis skills and strategic tactics. Maybe we will discover another tennis genius Roger Federer!

Rock climbing / 9-15 years old

In Rock climbing class, kids could learn rock climbing skills. The fascinating indoor rock wall will challenge young people who like rock climbing!

Karate / 9-15 years old

The Karate program allows participants to know the principles of karate and the awareness of protecting themselves in a fun environment. Classes are taught by professional teachers from Karate Excellence School.

Art Creation / 4-6 years old

In this class, various forms of art such as visual arts or theater wiil be introduced to children, and we will add creative dance and music lessons, too. Children will show their results to parents on Fridays.

Art / 7-10 years old

The art class will activate children's creativity through drawing, sculpture, printing and painting. On Friday, we will organize a small exhibition for parents to presnet the work of children. It's a brand that belongs to you only, are you ready? Start your creations, please!

Dance / 7-10 years old

The dance class allows children to learn about different kinds of dances, such as jazz-funky, hip-hop, modern dance and more. The children will participate in the design of the dance movement and perform for the parents after the end of the week.

Circus performance / 7-12 years old

The Horse Performance Course offers a chance to study the most classic equestrian performance, such as dancing on a wire rope, flying in the sky and variety show. After a week of training, the participants will show a performance to the parents.

Science / 7-12 years old

The science course gives an interactive experience to children through small scientific experiments. Their scientific enthusiasm is activated by clear explanations and manual and mental activities. Participants will show their results to parents on Friday.

Creative short film / 9-15 years old

The short creative video course teaches children how to make a short film, all participants can designate the text, change the scene and finish their small favorable videos with the help of technical experts.

The short creative video program will be available for following periods only:

  1. June 25, 2018 - July 6, 2018
  2. July 9, 2018 - July 20, 2018
  3. July 23, 2018 - August 3, 2018
  4. August 6, 2018 - August 17, 2018

EDPHY International Sports Camp

The EDPHY camp was created in 1965, and it is a professional camp certified by the Quebec Minister of Education and the Quebec Camp Association has a long history of 52 years. The camp is international because it welcomes students from around the world who come to participate in the summer camp each year.

EDPHY has two camps, one is Val Morin camp and the other is Saint Lucia camp. Normally, Chinese students live in the Val Morin camp, but they often need to go to the Saint Lucia camp to participate in the hydrobases.

EDPHY is located in a 590-acre forest with a private lake that links with Rivière-du-Nord. The camp has its own facilities and a physical education park. The facilities were built near the mountain, in a village at the bottom of the Laurentian Mountain, 80 kilometers from Montreal and the Montreal Airport.

Chinese youth could try to experience the Canadian lifestyle, improve their English, enlarge their fields of vision and meet friends from other countries.

Montreal Chinese Visual Arts Research Association

Sino-Canadian Children's Painting Competition

Mr. Wang An-Dong, a well-known Canadian painter of Chinese descent, a member of the Society of Canadian Artists, an international member of the Society of Portrait Painters of the United States, President of the Visual Arts Society of Montreal Chinese. "The Permanent Smile" and "Unforgettable" are her representative works, they were inserted into the commemorative painting album "Diana Spencer in Art" kept by the Royal Family of the United Kingdom in 2007. Her work "The Statue for Saint John the Baptist John Paul II "was chosen as the only symbolic poster of" The Year of the International Families of Canada "in 1994, and was made in photographs of various types around the world. His works are largely preserved by dilettantes and collectors around the world.

The San Jia Group and the Chinese Visual Arts Society of Montreal, led by Mr. Wang An-Dong, are deeply involved in the field of children's painting: Mr. trains children to paint and supports the organized painting camp by San Jia together with other great masters of the arts in Montreal, and his artistic sense has a great influence on children.

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