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Cooperation with McGill University

Summer school camp for medical students

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Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute

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B Models

The best model agency company in Canada.

Summer School Visit Camp for Medical Students Cooperated with McGill University

    McGill University, founded in 1821, is one of the oldest universities in Canada. McGill University has a very good reputation in the world and is considered "Canada's Harvard". According to the QS University World Rankings, McGill University is still Canada's best for 12 years and was the 24th best university in the world in 2015.

       McGill University has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners (12 people) and Rhodes Scholarship recipients (141 people). Physicist and Chemist Ernest Rutherford, the founding father of modern medicine William Osler, Internationalist soldier Norman Bethune, the founding father of the Euro Robert Alexander Mundell are graduates of McGill University. Current Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau is a graduate of McGill University as well.

       The San Jia International Academy of Education in Quebec organizes summer camp for high school students and medical students together with McGill University, giving them a chance to talk with top professors from the best universities at short distance and to be taught tirelessly in real person.

       In the camp, the IELTS Examiner explains how to take the IELTS exam in person. In addition, you have a rare chance to take real-time courses from McGill University. The duration of the school trip is 20 days. After the camp, San Jia Education chooses students with good grades from participants, and helps them apply for admission to McGill University to fulfill their vows to study with well-known professors.

Confucius Institute

       The Confucius class is a great public welfare program created by the Confucius Foundation of China. The school motto is "To write beautiful characters, to read good books, to become a good man".

       The foundation of Confucius of China created in 1984 is a cultural and academic, national and international foundation organization supported financially by the Chinese government whose aim is to make a call of social pond, to organize activities, which popularize, promote, or to advance studies and research in Confucian thought and good traditional Chinese culture, and to build a house of shared spirit for all Chinese, to establish a harmonious society, to unite overseas Chinese, to foster intercultural communication worldwide, to promote world peace too.

       On May 14, 2017, the San Jia International Academy of Education signed a contract with the Confucius Foundation of China. The ceremony was held in Jinan, and the President and CEO of the San Jia International Academy of Education of Quebec Mrs. An Ping was conferred a title of "Confucius Cultural Representative" by the Confucius Foundation of China.

       The Confucius Institute is located in the San Jia International Academy of Education in Quebec, and it is of great scope and era as the first class of Confucius in North America. The foundation of Confucius' class can advance the development and popularization of Confucian culture and Confucianism, deepen cultural communications between the two countries.

B models - The Model Agency Company Known in Canada

China's Parade Week Show in Canada

       The B models is a professional agency agency models as one of the best in Canada. The company is located on Sainte-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal (the second largest city in Canada) where the city's commercial center and arts center is located.

       B models has business all over the world. He has already hundreds of models, and he is trying to find more models that have the resource to participate again. The company is expanding its business continually according to the different demands of customers to forge a better model agency company in the world.

       The San Jia International Education Academy of Quebec is cooperating with the B models deeply to introduce the B models in China, to find excellent Chinese models who have resource through the Write-in mode during the week of fashion shows. China and employ them at Montreal HQ, then educate them strictly according to the popular world way using the idea of Art. Graduates will be recommended to known institutions, it builds a bridge to the world stage for Chinese talent models.

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