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Camps for Origin in China

Summer camp "In search of our roots in China" for overseas Chinese youth - Trip to Shandong Province

Shandong Province is one of origin of the ancient Chinese civilization. This land not only has great rivers and high mountains, but it has also been important in Chinese history. There are many famous sites and historical monuments in Shandong, like the home country of Confucius and Mencius, Mount Tai and "City of Fountains" -Jinan. Tourists can be strongly impressed by rich cultures, such as visiting the palace of eastern civilization.

Summer Camp "In Search of Our Roots in China" is sponsored by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and is undertaken by the offices Overseas Chinese affairs from each province or municipality directly under the central authority. The subject of this marked activity is "Chinese, Chinese culture, find the roots", and the camp will show the traditional Chinese culture to young overseas Chinese.

This Tai'an summer camp in Shandong will guide children to visit Mount Tai, the Baotu Fountain in Jinan and the Confucius Temple and Cemetery and the Kong Family Residence in Qufu. The goal is to give young people of Chinese descent a better understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese economic development, to strengthen their attachment to the homeland and the family, to strengthen their cultural identity and their pride for Chinese culture.


The Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council of the People's Republic of China


Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shandong Province, The San Jia Education Group


2018: July 14th - July 22nd


12--18 year olds

Main activity

Experiencing Chinese culture

The camp promotes traditional Chinese good cultures through classes in Chinese, Chinese dance, calligraphy, martial arts, popular handicrafts, and advanced studies of overseas Chinese adolescents on traditional Chinese culture.

Visit to historical sites

The camp encourages overseas Chinese adolescents to better understand China's historical and social development through visits to famous sites and historical monuments.

Communications with local students

The camp gives Chinese teens a chance to communicate well with Canadian teenagers, deepen their friendships and showcase their talents during the time that participants study by participating in group activities with local students.


Summer Camp "Root-seeking journey in China" is guided by professional teachers who are in charge of sharing the latest news and photos from the summer camp. Register now!

number of admitted is 30 people, first come first served!

The registration fee

260 Canadian dollars (200 dollars if you are from Shandong)

Phone numbers for registration

(514)885-5160, (438)402-2303

The WeChat for registration


Introduction of historical sites

Mount Tai

Mount Tai is located in Tai'an City, in Shandong Province, it is one of the five sacred mountains of China. It is considered "the national mountain of China" or "the first mountain under the sky", or the East Mountain, because it is the most venerated mountain of the five sacred mountains. Since 1987, Mount Tai has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site as the world's first cultural and natural heritage site.


All things at the top of the mountain are transported from the foot of the mountain, so prices are expensive, and there are not enough stands in the mountains. Teachers will instruct children to prepare food and fruit well to regain strength at all times.

  1. The temperature at the top of the mountain is 2 to 6 degrees less than the foot, so you need to pay attention to changes in temperature.
  2. Parents need to prepare good clothes for your children.
  3. The steps of Mount Tai are very high, so you must bring a pair of flat and comfortable shoes.
  4. The ultraviolet ray is strong in the mountains, parents must prepare sunscreen for children.

The scenic location of Baotu Fountain - one of the scenic spots of AAAAA of China, it's the most famous fountain in China.

The Baotu Fountain is the symbol and sign of the city of Jinan, it has a reputation as "the first fountain under the sky". The Baotu Fountain, the thousand-foot Buddha Mountain and Daming Lake are the three beautiful historical sites of Jinan.

The Square of Quancheng

The Square of Quancheng is located in the city center, it is the central square of Jinan and also a modern multifunctional entertainment, reforestation and shop place. The square is in the center of the Baotu Fountain in the west, the thousand Buddhas Mountain in the south, the city moat to the north and the Liberation Pavilion to the east, so tourists can see all the most representative sites from Jinan from this place.

Daming Lake Park

Daming Lake is one of the three beautiful historical sites of Jinan, it has a reputation of "the pearl of Jinan".

Qufu special food recommendation:Kongfu Feast, Smoked Toufu, Duck and Pegion, Dried rice with dried pork

"A Unique Example" in World Architectural History, World Cultural Heritage - The Temple of Confucius

The temple of Confucius is the temple to offer sacrifices to Confucius. He is a Chinese philosopher, politician and educator. The Confucius Temple, which has oriental architectural features, is an imposing architectural ensemble of Chinese antiquity. The temple of Confucius in Qufu is considered "a unique example" in the world architectural history, it is the world cultural heritage, one of the major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level. The Confucius Temple is listed in the three great architectural ensembles of Chinese antiquity together with the Forbidden City of Beijing and the Chengde Mountain Residence.

The first family under the sky, the residence of the Duke of Yansheng in Chinese feudal society - the residence of the Kong family

The residence of the Duke of Yansheng who had an interpretation of "the first family" was a classical noble residence of China. It was the residence where the Kong family lived for the long term, it is also the only residence of a Duke of the Ming Dynasty who still exists today. The Kong family's home is now World Cultural Heritage, one of the nationally protected major historical and cultural sites and scenic site of AAAAA.

The schedule of the "get your roots in China" camp in Tai'an Shandong from 2018

Our children already feel strange about China after having lived abroad in the long run, but the one that flows in their bodies is still the blood of Chinese ethnicity, and the vast and deep Chinese culture is still their mental support . So our children from Chinese backgrounds need to know Chinese culture better and to increase their knowledge of traditional culture. We sincerely invite our cute kids to follow our steps this summer, go home and start a journey to find our roots.

  1. Day 1 Welcome you to Jinan Airport (or Jinan Station), make the presence throughout the day
  2. Day 2 Visit World Heritage Mix - Mount Tai
  3. Day 3 Opening ceremony in the morning, communication between students, calligraphy and painting classes in the afternoon
  4. Day 4 Study cutting and printmaking
  5. Day 5 Studying Chinese Instruments and Dance, Closing Ceremony
  6. Day 6 Visit the largest underground valley in Asia, the scenic spot of Baotailong
  7. Day 7 Visit World Cultural Heritage - Confucius Temple and Cemetery and Kong Family Residence in Qufu
  8. Day 8 Visit the Shandong Provincial Museum, Baotu Fountain, Daming Lake, Baihuazhou Historic District, and Furong Avenue.
  9. Day 9 Boarding in Jinan, going home.

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