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Services for International Student

Introduction of Study Services in Canada

1. Services for Intl. Student of 6 months to 5 years old - Coin des Lutins

Coin des Lutins

        The "Luther's Corner" International Daycare is a registered trademark of Child Education which is inverted by the San Jia International Academy of Education in Quebec, Canada. The international nursery "Coin des Lutins" is also the delegated brand of the International Academy of Education San Jia of Quebec in China.

       The San Jia International Education Academy of Quebec offers the delegated brand of international daycare and the right to use children's textbooks, sends teachers to trainings, communicates business online, supports brand and image , organizes day care visits to Canada, and offers a chance to participate in school trips to foreign countries. She is preparing to set up two franchise centers in Qingdao from Shandong to date.

Four public kindergartens

       Daycares are mainly for children between 0 and 5 years old. The San Jia group has four public daycares outside the Island of Montreal after having developed continuously. Daycares are located west of Île de Montréal, Saint-Zotique and Coteau-du-Lac.

       Daycares are in good communities with beautiful environments and efficient transportation. They are much loved by local parents and children thanks to their excellent rentals and environments. Daycare centers maintain a multicultural educational idea and an advanced system of educational administration. There are more than 100 Western teachers who take care of the development of your children here and let them study happily and develop healthy while playing.

2. Services for Intl. Student of 5 to 17 years old - College Bouget

3. Services for Intl. Student of 17-19 years old - College Valleyfield

       Valleyfeild College, established in 1967, is a public general and vocational college in Canada. It takes about 50 minutes drive from Montreal to school. Valleyfeild College has 3000 students now, it offers pre-university courses and specialized courses of more than 15 programs. The school has the right to confer the diploma of the under-baccalaureate and the certificate. The list of available majors is as follows: Business Management, Nursing, Child Education, Vocational Education, Inhalation Therapy, Management and Accounting, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Technology and Experimental Technology etc.

       The San Jia International Academy of Education in Quebec is working closely with Valleyfeild College to offer a student internship and internship certificate. We keep students who have good grades working at our school or recommending them relative jobs to ensure they develop anyway.

4. Services for Intl. Student of over 18 years old - McGill University

McGill Unversity

       McGill University, founded in 1821, is one of the oldest universities in Canada. McGill University has a very good reputation in the world and is considered "Canada's Harvard". According to the QS University World Rankings, McGill University is still Canada's best for 12 years and was the 24th best university in the world in 2015.

       McGill University has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners (12 persons) and Rhodes Scholarship recipients (141 persons). Physicist and Chemist Ernest Rutherford, the founding father of modern medicine William Osler, Internationalist soldier Norman Bethune, the founding father of the Euro Robert Alexander Mundell are graduates of McGill University. Current Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau is a graduate of McGill University as well.

5. Local services for international students

  1. Pre-departure training
  2. Make school admission requests
  3. Help finish the arrival process
  4. CAQ, student visa, study permit
  5. Services for parents
  6. Homestay placement
  7. Student supervision service
  8. Tutoring in studies
  9. International student life guidance

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